Salma Hatim Quotes

If a person hurts you or behaves with you in a hostile manner, Think first what did you do to make him act that way.

Friends can become enemies, Enemies can become friends, Under no circumstances share your deepest secrets with anyone

How Am I? They asked me. I am just a pollen grain in the garden of flowers to be blown away by the Angel of Death to give life to another one on the waiting list.

When dreams are broken, Hearts are shattered.

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Padraic Colum Poem
 by Padraic Colum

SANDALWOOD, you say, and in your thoughts it chimes
With Tyre and Solomon; to me it rhymes
With places bare upon Pacific mountains,
With spaces empty in the minds of men.

The Kings of Hawaii call out their men,
The men go up the mountains in files;

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