To decline in sense by standards, morals and dignity,
perceived decay in honor, faith and most of discipline.
Falling into the process of condition deterioration,
societies antiquities and its embarrassing vulgar declaration.
Excessive indulgences for the riches spoil,
and the hangover as inheritance as waste to toil.
No real challenges with that hoarded gold as bliss,
throwing all the coins towards the issue and miss.
Scattered treasures as wild status quo and garden of Eros,
juices of amnesia and enhancing substance grandiose.
Upon the soul the kisses and floating wine,
smoking hot chicks not to mention therein.
When that velvet luster speaks the eye,
and cruelty pronounce that language of lie.
Business or pleasure not the question here,
for vicissitudes ripeness amorously to stir.
Thousand twinkling stars from heaven dares,
as above so below are the mirrors unaware fares.
To pamper pleasures perversion wanton desire,
fervent demeanor and the call to admire.
We all coming with a purpose in this world,
and many shades of fears establishing that paradox mold.
The force of life into purity of spirits and its evolution,
attachments of lost egos and its trauma seeking conclusion.