Walking through many doorways every day,
think of them as doors of perception if you may.
As you create those mental spaces and ponder,
many other doors open like a chain reaction wonder.
Those spaces creating new potential trace,
intuitive virtue inspired by the space.
Creation for sake of purpose with no limit,
visions by pure concentrations illuminate.
Those moments holding the golden key,
into a divine knowledge appointee.
Prejudice thoughts will look many doors,
preconceived manipulation that soars.
The doors of reasons have the sign of solicitation,
while the doors of creed are named desperation.
The biggest doors are the kingdom of relief,
and doors that not exist are for the thief.
Sacramental openings are other gold painted passages,
propaganda with mass psychotic gavages.
Believing doors are the ultimate cell,
by inferior power to keep the shell.
The doors in the lovers dream open themselves,
with guardians of sprites and elf’s.
The great architect places carefully its doors,
the inside of creation and its adores.
The art of thinking and its creation,
freewill and rainbow sensation.
The doors to heaven are always open,
the eternal lovers key and invisible token.