The nature of our spiral nebulae or Milky Way,
is the size of our universe from where we stay.
Believing that our nebulae is relatively small,
Astronomer Curtis declared a far bigger call.
Billions of galaxies much larger and distant,
the scale of the universe, 1921 relevant.
Island universes in the trillions,
supernovas outshine galaxies in brilliance.
Another great debate by Huxley at that time,
upholding the biblical creation in us to refine.
To him self affirming the preference to be an ape,
giving Darwin’s theory the wishing shape.
In letters of war between Burke and Thomas Paine,
the debate in differences of conservatism,
and the misleading perception of progressivism.
After 2021 in lockdown giving nature a break,
wildlife’s resources in reviving stake.
The new debate now in consideration geographic,
3 working days and nights, 4 days no traffic.
Zero hours at sunrise, 12 at dawn lights mean,
nature hours including month thirteen.
The ultimate provider in absolute respect,
labor camp for restoring wasteland to correct.
Human independence and it’s grow of sacrifice,
the caring things of nature love that satisfies.