This poem is inspired
by a family member enquirement.
Reading her biography on her Instagram page
The words "grappling with the paradox of our existence" jumps in my face.
No really, all of sudden, it felt like I was caged and being slapped in the face.

How do you explain the meaning of life
To a young girl who who has seen both parents die.
Not to mention that in this dimension the name of JESUS was probably never mentioned.

Gasp gasp, help me LORD
How do I share your word...

My dear, this big vessel I'd like to help you steer.
For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.

For His existence explains for instance this dilemma you have.
If it is true than me and you are here for a reason.
And in this point (that Jesus is God) means it also not just for a season,
But eternally basking in His glory with no asking.

Oh Yes my dear, this is what I am saying,
On this topic there can be no playing.
That when your flesh perishes,
We can look forward to heavenly relishes.
You are a daughter of THE King
Death then has no sting
Doesn't that have an amazing ring?

Let me explain to you clearly how this works.
And this is not one of my quirks.

You are an imperfect being
And you have to come clean.
In the presence of God's Holy Ness
There can be no corrosiveness.

God in His mercifullness made a plan,
made His son become a Man
So that He could pay the price on your behalf.

God being righteous has to punish sinfulness
So Jesus stepped in (literally)
In the Fathers eyes to destroy sin.
He was beaten, bruised and crucified
So In our place the Father could deny
So His righteousness he could satisfy.

On the third day He rose
To show death that this door he could not keep closed.

By accepting Jesus as Lord and savior
This free gift will take away impending danger.

Nothing would mean more to me
To see you my dear being set free.
Think a little
Pray a lot
God will show you what He's got.