From Apes to grapes
From Bees to trees
From Crocodiles to human smiles
From Dingo to flamingo
From Eskimos to babies toes
From Frogs to fog
From Glass to grass
From Hippos to mangroves
From Igloo to bamboo
From Jackals to apples
From Kangaroo to me and you
From Lagoons to baboons
From Metals to a rose petals
From Nature to nurture
From Octopus to mother goose
From Peacock to shamrock
From Quails to tails
From Rocks to bird flocks
From Sand to Japan
From Tornados to jalapeƱos
From Umber to cucumber
From Violet to Scarlett
From Whales to prawn tales
From X-ray to stingray
From Yellowstone to backbones
From Zebras to cobras

Who but the creator could be so creative?
Thank you Jesus