Who is Reinhardt Van Der Westhuizen

I am a sinner, saved by the grace of God. I live to bring Him glory I pray that my poems do exactly that and may you be touched and prompted to reach out to the one who saves ...
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Reinhardt Van Der Westhuizen Poems

  • To God
    God the Father
    Jesus the Christ and beloved Son
    And the Holy Spirit of the Living God
  • At Thy Word
    At thy word, there is no blur
    At thy word, there is no slur
    At thy word, perfection, and all concurs.
  • Apologies
    This is a formal apology
    from this brand new prodigy.
    Please understand this apology
    as the word prodigy might not mean what you think, ...
  • The Dream...
    Is it a dream, or is ir real?
    I hear my flesh starting to squeal.
    It has to be a dream
    I'm trying to scream! ...
  • Great Delight
    In the morning, let your face be the first I see,
    basking in Your glory, there is only glee.
    baptizing myself in your word,
    clothing me in armor, only a knights worth. ...
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Thought 2 Gift 1 Spiritual 1 Impossible 1 Plan 1 Point 1 Rotten 1 Live 1 Shame 1 Crude 1

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