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Reinhardt Van Der Westhuizen

Reinhardt Van Der Westhuizen Poems

  • 1.  
    When did it become so hard to share good news?
    As if it didn't matter to distorted views
    If you were caught by surprise
    How would you devise
  • 2.  
    Madness, madness!!
    Why can I shake the sadness?
    To many choices
    Too many voices
  • 3.  
    Let this poem glorify thy name,

    I'm done with the shame and this pain!
    How is it, Father that we live comfortably in chains,
  • 4.  
    What else could I conclude
    From a passage so crude.
    A sinful nature revealed
    In my daily spiel.
  • 5.  
    There is a place where man and spirit dwell,
    An abode fit for a king in all his glory
    Where servant and master fuse into one.

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