A young lad blossoms from a petal,
Many challenges to come and yet to settle.
Here begins life's crazy circus,
To be happy but yet sometimes serious.

A circus to be a star in your own ring,
To keep trying and never stop thinking.
To lean not too far in one direction,
Find a balance even beneath the most odd collection.

A circus to say yes more and evolve,
Have presence of mind for any problem to resolve.
Life is too short to be serious,
Sometimes wary, often too mysterious.

Clown around and life is a comedy,
Happiness gives all gloomy moments a remedy.
One wrong step and the circus is over,
One wrong decision leaves its footprints forever.

Life is a stage, we all its puppets,
He above all, rules our crazy trumpets.
The circus so cheerful, filled with fun,
Life is a paradise with joy in tons.