It is not a disease, It is not an illness.
It isn't a choice, it isn't a sickness.
It is our mind, it is that feeling of pity.
It is that insecurity, it is that lonliness.
It is being neglected, It is being forced away.
It is not easy to deal with, it requires a lot of courage.
It is that emptiness in a crowded room,
That corner silence in a gossip room.
The fear to go wrong,
The fear to be unable to fit in.
Being forced to fake smiles, to say that you are okay, when you are not.
Sometimes all we need is a talk, A hello from a right person.
A smile from your closest ones, A pat for your hardwork.
A shoulder to rely upon and a person to be thankful to.
All you need is search for the right person.. Family, friends, teachers,anyone..
Just stay happy and keep smiling!!