Hey people. This is Priya, pen name Crystal. I love to discover the world around. My life often revolves around imagination and usual things we all see in our day to day life. I study in class 11th. My hobbies include reading, singing, composing songs and arts. My biggest dream is to go on a world tour and discover the diversity of the world.

The Comments About Poems and Poets

POEM: Exceptionally Fab (ms. Neha Arora Goyal)
She seems like such an amazing mentor! U are so lucky!

POEM: My Favourite (ms. Rubina Jindal)
Seems like an amazing person!

POEM: Partially
You really left me awe struck.

POEM: Life
It's an awesome composition.

POEM: An Inspiring Teacher (ms. Neetu Sharma)
Really a beautiful one.... Thank you so much priya for your love and respect.... ???????? I wish a great future for u.... Grow n shine ????????????