Do Not Kill Me I will die

I am Anikulapo
Death in my pouch
Like snail and It's shell
Like hunter and his dog
When it is time
No one will alert him

Let me live as I want
Let me speak as I wish
Let me write as I want
Let me walk as I wish
Let dance as I want
Let me call God where I wish

Every man is mortal
King or Slave
Machete our will as you want
Suppress our voices as you wish
Confine our press as you want
Censor our thoughts as you wish

Ask your self where is
Goliath and his men
Pharaoh and his command
Now you know we are equal before death
But Death is not Death
Read Pharaoh Read Mosses

What is my Crime?
I have rape not my sisters
Like you rape our Gold and Oil
I have stole not from my brethren
Like you steal from our common wealth
I only ask for Equity

I have chosen the less pass road
Without frills and Pop
With thorns and tears
But I am glad to march
Like Lincoln like Malcolm
The path of few and honour

Not like you
On the wider road
With salute and merriment
From the sudor of the poor
And your name will perish with time
With hiss and curse
Our choice differ like our ends differ.
Do not kill me I will die.