Rise, Dear Mother Land!!
Rise Africans!!
Let retake our birthplace
As it was, before the evil white invasion

We used to be Great
We are the origin of civilization
Before the evil white
Set us back

Raid our land and water
Enslave our sons and daughters
Rape us off our glory and honor
Then twist the tongue and thoughts

Of our young and old
Making us subscribe to a beautiful lie
That black is evil
White is God

That everything from our soil is inferior
That we have no history
That our men are short of knowledge and reason
But all this is to undersell our greatness

Africa is beautiful and enrich
Like Gold and diamond
Our Water is full of abundance
And our land is deluxe and dear

Dear Africans !!!
Let sleep no more
Its time we rise and take our birthplace
We have suffered too long

In the hands of these white evils
Who built their earth Paradise
From the blood,labour and sweat
Of our sons and daughters

Leaving us with penury
Making our land a city of poverty and needs
Dear Mother Africa,
Rise and inspire

Your sons and daughters
On the struggle field
And curse the bad eggs
Among us, who are helping

The white evils, to keep her reign
Over our land and water.
Rise Up Africa, It is time!!
Rise Up ! Rise Up ! The time is Now!