Small in land mass
Mighty in humanity
And Sacrifice of no measure
A place of where leadership lives
Built from the blood of the selfless
Sustained on the idea of
We before me

Survived the invasion of
Uncle Sam and her evil machineries
Unlike the Whitehouse
You send the world doctors not drone
You rather save than kill
You are the world save heaven
When pandemic come knocking

The world look on to you
As a model and strength
In our struggle for freedom
And a Just world
And exit from this inhuman
Free market system
Where profit is 1st before human

Where poverty lives
In the midst of abundance
Hunger in the midst of wastage
Production for profit not needs
Human is a commodity with price tag
Men in wage slavery for survival
Exploitation is constant

Dear Island of the people
Feel not alone in the midst of the blockade
From every corner of the world
We the people are with you
We are united beyond borders
your struggle is our struggle
One day, together we shall sing song of victory

Over the common enemies of the world
Let, together whisper to the ears of the enemies
That, No wind is strong enough
To smash the banner of freedom, flown
By a determine and united people
Bond by one idea
One day, we shall win.

Viva! the Island of the people.