The Heart is wondering
The blood pump up and down
The breath pant here and there
Everything seems doom and dark
Darkness rolls in with air of despondency
tears and grief every where
Everything we dream
Is shattered and dispersed

I have been watching you for years
You have been loving me unknown
So when I knock the door of your heart
It open so fast with so much chemistry and bond
We fell in love so quickly
Grew too fast like a broiler
Every lip keep guessing
Yet we keep mute

We keep growing better
Still that hour we got stuck
Where everything reveal it self in open
House built with spit
Can’t stand the storm
And the storm is here like a rocket
Why do you ask me to look up for sunshine
When the sun is set

Why do you ask me to fly
When the wing is broken
Why do you ask me to trust you
When your words are in conflict with your mind
Truly love is blind
When you get blindfolded by it
Not even an Ophthalmologist can help
I am shattered

The heart is broken!
Why did I say Hello?
Days after days
I am still loitering like a lost child
My head aching so badly
And my tongue speechless
My heart sober, looking up for a new day.