The flag is half mast
our hero past
The forte is falling
The nation is lean
Thirsty tears and sorrow
Roll and drum
From city to city
Every house feels the beat

Where is the prince?
The Kingdom is sinking
Moses, you said you are
When we thumb change
With thought
That the promise land is close
But now our eyes are opened
We have been scammed !

Where is the freedom of our pen?
Where is the right of our tongue?
Alas! It has been caged
tongue can no longer speak
Unless it sings praises of their wrongs
Hand can no longer write
Unless it glorify their name
This is the nation we live!

Today is independent day
Are we really independent?
Question for minds that still care
At 59, The kingdom still craving for walk
Eat from hand to mouth
Yesterday was better
Today fair and next still unknown

Those in power feed fat
sons and daughters
Live in abject and fear
we are blessed and cursed
Justice seekers are behead
Their boys get justice and honour
Why won’t peace wave the land?
For how long will this impunity reign?

I am not from Harvard
Speak less grammar today
It cures no hunger nor
Says something new
Rejig the villa and the crew
Time is not our friend
The land is in need of a new order
Revolution is the name!

Let me ask them some questions
Before they clip my tongue
Or hang my hand
Like Sowore like Abiri
Where is the power you promised?
Where is the security you sing?
Why is the Dollar not yet #1-$1?
Why is the subsidy scam game still go on?

Let the blood of our fallen heroes
clean the Nation.