I dream
A world without tears and fear
A world without pain and pang
A world without distrust and ill feeling
A world without ill and death
A world of laughter and love

A city without border
A city of law and order
A city of just and justice
Where men are equal
Before God and the law

I Dream
Of a nation home
Of abundance and peace
Of freedom and justice
Of love and empathy
Of kindness and equity

Of a world
Where brethren are not divided
By tribe and tongue
By place they call God
By the colour of their skin

A planet of no south or north
East or west
King or slave
Homeless or refuge
A world without war

A world of no ‘I' ‘self’ ‘Me'
But ‘We' ‘ Us' ‘Our’
How peaceful will it be? Just dream it
I am too!

Let God raise a new world.