Call My Name Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


The Crisp of her lipsA
The sweetness of her boobyB
The touch of her handC
The cuddle of her armD
The glee as she stareE
The tone of her voiceF
The sparkling of her teethG
Will make any soulH
Seek her handC
And a walkout to that placeI
Where he is deaf to his nameJ
Answer to anything she pronounceK
Even if it is doggy sheepy or funnyB
That pleasure is immeasurableL
Do not blame himM
He is spellN
By her charming skinO
By her irresistible pettingP
So slow and steadyB
Every man wants to be thereE
Even meB
How beautiful is our world without themQ
How cool is our night without themQ
How dark is our world without themQ
Dear MistressR
Call my nameJ
Toy with my beardS
If it is the sacrifice I have to makeT
To have my turnU
Who caresV

Ola Olawale
(C) All Rights Reserved. Poem Submitted on 09/16/2019


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Thadius vic Mogire: It such an awesome art ,,with good use of symbolism and apostrophe.

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