The Faceless Watcher In The Night Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


In the darkness of the nightA
There is a presence out of sightA
A watcher faceless filled with frightA
Who sees all with a keen insightA
Its eyes like stars so cold and brightA
Glowing in the endless nightA
A silent witness to our plightA
A judge who'll grant us wrong or rightA
The faceless watcher ever stillB
Sees our every thought and willB
And though we try to hide our thrillB
It knows the truth and takes its fillB
Its presence fills us with dismayC
A chill that never goes awayC
A feeling we cannot allayC
That haunts us every night and dayC
And yet we know we can't denyD
The faceless watcher's unblinking eyeD
For though it fills us with a sighD
It's always there to help us tryD
To face our fears to walk in lightA
To find the courage to win the fightA
To chase away the endless nightA
And never give up without a sightA
So let the faceless watcher beE
A guide to all that we can seeE
A witness to our destinyE
And a guardian to set us freeE

Oghenero Peter
(C) All Rights Reserved. Poem Submitted on 05/27/2023


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