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My name is Oghenero Peter, and I am a poet. I believe that poetry has the power to touch hearts and minds, to inspire change and to spark new ideas. Through my poetry, I seek to explore the beauty of life, to express my thoughts and emotions, and to capture the essence of the human experience. My writing is deeply personal, and I draw inspiration from my own experiences, as well as from the world around me. I believe that poetry should be accessible to everyone, and I strive to create works that are both meaningful and relatable. In addition to writing poetry, I am passionate about sharing my work with others. I have performed at various events and venues, and I am always looking for new opportunities to connect with audiences and to inspire others through my writing. For me, poet...
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  • Echoes Of A Dying Soul
    A soul adrift, a fading flame
    That flickers in the dark of night
    Its essence fades, its will to claim
    A place among the stars, so bright ...
  • The Unseen Terrors That Await
    Beyond the veil of light and life
    There lies a place, both dark and deep
    A land of shadows, filled with strife
    Where horrors in the darkness creep ...
  • The Mystery Of Death
    Death, the great unknown,
    A mystery we cannot fathom,
    A journey we must take alone without fear,
    An end to life's rhythmic anthem sounds. ...
  • Whispers From Beyond The Grave
    In the silence of the night
    Amidst the graves, there's a fright
    A whisper, soft and out of sight
    That fills the air with chilling might ...
  • The Faceless Watcher In The Night
    In the darkness of the night
    There is a presence, out of sight
    A watcher, faceless, filled with fright
    Who sees all with a keen insight ...
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