The Faceless Watcher In The Night

In the darkness of the night
There is a presence, out of sight
A watcher, faceless, filled with fright
Who sees all with a keen insight

Its eyes, like stars, so cold and bright
Glowing in the endless night
A silent witness to our plight
A judge, who'll grant us wrong or right

The faceless watcher, ever still
Sees our every thought and will
And though we try to hide our thrill
It knows the truth, and takes its fill

Its presence fills us with dismay
A chill that never goes away
A feeling we cannot allay
That haunts us every night and day

And yet, we know we can't deny
The faceless watcher's unblinking eye
For though it fills us with a sigh
It's always there, to help us try

To face our fears, to walk in light
To find the courage, to win the fight
To chase away the endless night
And never give up, without a sight

So let the faceless watcher be
A guide to all that we can see
A witness to our destiny
And a guardian, to set us free.

Oghenero Peter
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