Death, the great unknown,
A mystery we cannot fathom,
A journey we must take alone without fear,
An end to life's rhythmic anthem sounds.

What lies beyond this mortal veil?
Is it light, or is it dark?
Will our souls truly prevail or fold,
Or will we be left to stark in doubt?
A question I haven't find answers to.

No mortal man can truly say
What awaits us on the other side,
Yet we journey on day by day,
Until death's veil we cannot hide.

Perhaps in death, we find release,
From life's burdens and strife,
And journey on to greater peace,
Beyond the realm of earthly life.

Or perhaps death is but a door,
To something greater yet unknown,
A realm of mystery to explore,
Beyond the reaches of our own.

Whatever death may bring us,
Let us journey on with grace,
Embracing life with each new fuss,
Until we meet death's silent face.

For in the end, we cannot know
What lies beyond death's veil,
But we can journey with faith and hope,
And let our hearts and souls prevail.