The love that flows within my veins,
Comes from my ancestors' ancient strains.
A legacy of blood, sweat, and tears,
Passed down through generations, year after year.

Their love for life and all that's living,
Is a gift that keeps on giving.
A love that's grounded in the earth,
And rooted in the family's birth.

Their love for the land and its bounty,
Is a bond that's pure and so hearty.
A love that nurtures, and never takes,
For the good of all, for all sakes.

Their love for each other, so deep and strong,
Is a bond that can never be wrong.
A love that's unconditional and true,
A bond that lasts a lifetime, and through.

Their love for the future, and all it may hold,
Is a legacy that will never grow old.
A love that inspires, and lights the way,
For the generations that come after today.

And so, I carry on their love,
A gift from my ancestors above.
A love that's pure and everlasting,
A bond that will always be so binding.

For in their love, I find my way,
Guided by their light, every day.
Ancestral love, a gift divine,
Forever cherished, for all of time.