In the silence of the night
Amidst the graves, there's a fright
A whisper, soft and out of sight
That fills the air with chilling might

It comes from places far away
Beyond the veil, where spirits play
A haunting voice that seems to say
"I'll be with you, come what may"

The whispers from beyond the grave
Are echoes of a life that's saved
A message from the great beyond
A love that's never quite gone

They speak of things we cannot see
Of life and love and destiny
Of things we wish could always be
And things we'll never quite believe

And yet, the whispers carry on
A message from the great beyond
A love that never can be gone
A hope that always will respond

So let the whispers fill your heart
And guide you through the darkened part
For though they seem so far apart
They'll always be with you, from the start.