In every glass, in every pane
A beast lurks deep inside
It waits to pounce, to break the chain
And let its fury abide

With eyes that gleam, with teeth that bare
The monster's gaze is fierce and wild
It looks upon us with a stare
That makes us feel like a helpless child

We try to look away, to hide
From the creature that we see
But in the end, we can't deny
That it's a part of you and me

For every human has a side
That's dark and full of rage
It waits to take us for a ride
To send us screaming off the stage

But if we face the beast within
And stare it in the eye
We'll find the strength to fight and win
And let our true selves fly

So when you see that creature rise
And feel the fear that's in your heart
Remember, it's a part of you, a guise
That you can conquer, and depart.