In my country Nigeria, once so proud and free,
We suffer under bad governance, as we see.
Corruption runs rampant, and leaders turn a blind eye,
The more we struggle, the more poverty continues to multiply.

The rich grow richer, while the poor are left behind,
And justice is a distant dream, impossible to find.
The politicians make promises, but fail to follow through,
And the people are left with nothing, wondering what to do.

The schools are underfunded, and hospitals in disrepair,
And basic needs like clean water, seem to be quite rare.
Electricity is sporadic, and roads are full of holes,
As the government does little, to remedy these woes.

But we people of Nigeria, are strong and full of heart,
And we would not give up, we'll not fall apart.
We continue to fight, for a better tomorrow,
And we will not stop, until justice is not just a hollow.

So let us stand , and lend our voices to their cry,
And let us demand that the government, finally do what's right.
For until the people are truly free, and can live without fear,
We must continue to stand, and fight for justice to appear.