Oh, the weight of sin,
A burden heavy to bear,
A mark upon our skin,
A stain we cannot repair.

It creeps into our lives,
A serpent in the night,
It lures us with its lies,
And leads us from the light.

We try to hide our shame,
But sin will not be denied,
It echoes through our name,
A darkness we cannot hide.

We seek to find a way,
To cleanse our souls of sin,
To start anew each day,
And let redemption in.

For though sin may be our fate,
We need not bear it alone,
We can find a love so great,
It will guide us to our home.

So let us turn away,
From the sin that drags us down,
And let love light our way,
To a new life, free and sound.

For though sin may be our past,
Our future can be bright,
With love that always lasts,
And hope that shines so bright.