Born and raised in different place,
Meet as a strangers somewhere,
Not knowing that Karmic connection drawn together,
To fall in love to be destined and,
Wed to tie the knot of love.

When we love & admire,
Respect and agree with each other,
Committing to love forever,
Unite to be a good partner,
With legal binding of marriage,

Trust and faith are two knot points,
To tighten the bond of relationship,
Feeling jealousy is a integral part of love,
However, that is not the knot to tie in the bond of love,
It will loosen & break the knot.

Marriage is not that man gets a maid,
But loving and caring couple,
Trustworthy and faithful intimate,
Supportive and helping partner,
When you work in the office,
She clean & washes your home,
Cook and feed your child,
There is no time for leisure,
Never leave to work alone when together,
When your partner cook,
You can clean & arrange the room,
When your love weave for you,
Be a caring father,
You committed to love forever,
Trusting in your words,
Your love left their parents and relatives behind,
To join you as a loving partner not as servant.

Marriage is the knot of love,
Tightening with trust and faith,
Being supportive and helping hand,
Respecting & agreeing with each other,

Copyright Norbu Dorji