Wedding Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


Born and raised in different placeA
Meet as a strangers somewhereB
Not knowing that Karmic connection drawn togetherC
To fall in love to be destined andD
Wed to tie the knot of loveE
When we love admireF
Respect and agree with each otherC
Committing to love foreverC
Unite to be a good partnerC
With legal binding of marriageG
Trust and faith are two knot pointsH
To tighten the bond of relationshipI
Feeling jealousy is a integral part of loveE
However that is not the knot to tie in the bond of loveE
It will loosen break the knotJ
Marriage is not that man gets a maidK
But loving and caring coupleL
Trustworthy and faithful intimateM
Supportive and helping partnerC
When you work in the officeN
She clean washes your homeO
Cook and feed your childP
There is no time for leisureC
Never leave to work alone when togetherC
When your partner cookQ
You can clean arrange the roomR
When your love weave for youS
Be a caring fatherC
You committed to love foreverC
Trusting in your wordsT
Your love left their parents and relatives behindU
To join you as a loving partner not as servantV
Marriage is the knot of loveE
Tightening with trust and faithW
Being supportive and helping handX
Respecting agreeing with each otherC
Copyright Norbu DorjiG

Norbu Dorji
(C) All Rights Reserved. Poem Submitted on 07/24/2019


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