It Will End In Tears Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


we both know that this will endA
We are both certain that we would never lastB
No matter how much flames we have for eachC
But this will never lastB
Even the ember will remind us how hot the flames wereD
But for the timeE
That you're right next to me skinF
Closer to my thighsG
Breathing to my poresH
Let us capture this momentI
Decorate it with filters so that when it ends those filters will remind me how sweet this moment was onceJ
Upload it on social mediaK
Without any captionL
Let our hearts reserve the captionsM
My social friends would caption it my peopleN
My best coupleN
My favorite coupleN
Yet deep down in their toes they hold jealousO
But remember it is not for them but for meP
We do not it for likes and commentsQ
Once this failsR
I will have those memories to remind my self of how I used to smile in loveS
So please take more pictures with meP
So I could widen the gallery of my museumT
Am sure this will endA
I may not be sure of the expiry date but I know your love will expireU
Remember you are not the firstV
You're not the first man to make me taste starsW
You're not the first man to wage his heart in exchange of promisesX
You're not the first manY
So please let me gather this memoriesZ
So that the day you decides to walk andA2
Leave me i would father this memories with your smileB2
I love you but I know that this will endA
Not that I am advocating for it to endA
I just know that it wouldC2
Am never good at keeping companyP
But I am the best memory keeperD
We both know that this would endA
But let's just pretend for now that we have everythingD2
And were at the end of the worldE2
Let's make every moment the beginning so we could never see the endA
Such that when the end comes it would always feel the sameF2

Musa Mukelwa Simelane
(C) All Rights Reserved. Poem Submitted on 10/11/2020

Poet's note: Love is meant to be celebrated not feared


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