Biography of Musa Mukelwa Simelane

musa mukelwa simelane was born in 1990,hes a swazi, raised from the dusty streets of kashewula,his love for poetry began at a tender age,he had won accolades,and is currently for nominations,hes an aspiring writer,spoken word,poet. his poems are very therapeutic

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SK Magagula: I like reading your poems my brother, you are blessing me
Prosperity: I admire your poems my poet

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John Bunyan Poem
Upon The Sun's Reflection Upon The Clouds In A Fair Morning
 by John Bunyan

Look yonder, ah! methinks mine eyes do see
Clouds edged with silver, as fine garments be;
They look as if they saw that golden face
That makes black clouds most beautiful with grace.
Unto the saints' sweet incense, or their prayer,
These smoky curdled clouds I do compare.
For as these clouds seem edged, or laced with gold,
Their prayers return with blessings manifold.

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