I had been harvesting sorrowful tears,
Peeling unripe fruits to bury their seeds,
Preparing for a better future,yet now my future is decorated with complaining tears.

Shuffling streets of rodents,toes complaining,
Pilling wishes,reserving them for a better day,now that day is barren.

Holding tears in a can, listening to them as they generate a voice under my armpits,
Seeing my dreams naked in a public,

Lord had you forsaken me?
Asking clouds with muted voices, begging heavens to pour out reincarnation of a rich soul into my wound.

I miss Eden, where Adam fell in love on the first sight of his beautiful Eve.
Where life was joy nor sweat.

Kiss on my toes,
Hands on my armpits,
Hiding my eyes from the ugliness of this world,
Where givers are full of scars and receivers are soft and clubby.

Lord please take me before the world gets the better of me,
Before I become ripe on this journey of selfishness.