Musa Mukelwa Simelane Poems

  • 1.
    millions of fights I've recorded with you,
    Deep bruises that still bleeds even today,
    Echoes of harmful words that corroded my sensitivity,
    Cold nights,with rough blowing tongues,
  • 2.
    If I would accidentally knock on your door,
    Would your eyes recognize me,
    Would your lips remember the stories they used to share when we kiss,
    Would your body remember the taste of my hands,
  • 3.
    If only I had avoided you,
    If only I was like all the other girls who brag about their jewels,
    If only I was blind on that day,
    If only I never went to town that day,
  • 4.
    I had been harvesting sorrowful tears,
    Peeling unripe fruits to bury their seeds,
    Preparing for a better future,yet now my future is decorated with complaining tears.

  • 5.
    With all the wrinkles of my struggles,
    With all the bruises of my hustles,
    With all tears shed on dead-beds,
    With all the hope that became a grave,
  • 6.
    we both know that this will end,
    We are both certain that we would never last,
    No matter how much flames, we have for each,
    But this,will never last,
  • 7.
    Born to live and die,
    with equal chances as one,
    life is cycle full of perishable and cherish-able mementos.

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SK Magagula: I like reading your poems my brother, you are blessing me
Prosperity: I admire your poems my poet

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