Born to live and die,
with equal chances as one,
life is cycle full of perishable and cherish-able mementos.

its a voyage full of laughter and voluminous tears to be shared,
chances provide themselves and at times never providing,
we live to exhale and inhale the beauty and ugly of it,
like blind people we opt and hope for the best from the worse of our skins.

we are all given gifts,talents,its only for us to explore and expose them,
time from our skin will one day fade,leaving us as muted angels,
our beloved ones will mourn,grieve,but the time would had stop ticking.
laugh,cry,hustle,while the time in your skin tock.

embrace every cents you have,
show love and give happiness to all,
give smiles like you're giving money to loved ones,
spread love liken its the cure to our pandemic disease.

who are we to fight and judge one another?
our poet does not judge,but gives us time to correct,
its a road less traveled,but we are all in its queue.