we both know that this will end,
We are both certain that we would never last,
No matter how much flames, we have for each,
But this,will never last,
Even the ember will remind us how hot the flames were.

But for the time,
That you're right next to me skin,
Closer to my thighs,
Breathing to my pores,
Let us capture this moment,

Decorate it with filters so that when it ends those filters will remind me how sweet this moment was once,
Upload it on social media,
Without any caption,
Let our hearts reserve the captions,

My social friends would caption it *my people*
My best *couple*
My *favorite couple*
Yet deep down in their toes,they hold jealous,
But remember it is not for them but for me,

We do not it for likes,and comments,
Once this fails,
I will have those memories to remind my self of how I used to smile in love,

So please, take more pictures with me,
So I could widen the gallery of my museum,
Am sure this will end,
I may not be sure of the expiry date but I know your love will expire,

Remember you are not the first,
You're not the first man to make me taste stars,
You're not the first man to wage his heart in exchange of promises,
You're not the first man,

So please, let me gather this memories,
So that the day you decides to walk,and
Leave me, i would father this memories with your smile.
I love you,but I know that this will end,

Not that I am advocating for it to end,
I just know that it would,
Am never good at keeping company,
But I am the best memory keeper.

We both know that this would end,
But let's just pretend for now that we have everything,
And were at the end of the world,
Let's make every moment the beginning so we could never see the end,
Such that when the end comes,it would always feel the same.