If only I had avoided you,
If only I was like all the other girls who brag about their jewels,
If only I was blind on that day,
If only I never went to town that day,
I regret that day,
I regret being kind to you,
If only I never gave you my numbers,
Giving you the access to hurt me,
I couldn't be here today,
Am chained to this break up because because of you,
Is this what you really wanted when you saw me?
Leaving me with a fatherless child,
Abundaning me when I need you the most,
Leaving me to the teeth of a break,
Enveloped by a stinking scent of love,
Tell me, is this what you wanted when you approached me?
Truly,I blame my self more than I blame you
If only I listened to the whirlings winds with advice's,
I couldn't be here..
But you could had let go and never say a word to me ,
Why did you stop me,?
Why did you speak love to my fragile heart,?
Knowing exactly that I would fall for you?
Did you practise those Shakespearean words?
Because you sound like you meant them,
I would eludes my guidance rules just to set a smile on your face,
Just to see your smile that ignited flames into my life,
Now am let with the memories that destroys my firewalls.
I regret everything about you,
I resent your touches,
I pity the evidence of our sin that grows in me,
It finds toxics love,but it shall acclimatise.
I regret you.