I said
Where is your house?
He said
I am the builder of house
My house is man-
Man is my secret;
I am his secret.
I am not housed in a frame,
Great is my name.
I am omnipresent-
As noor-e-muhammad
In everything, everywhere.

I said
How can I see you?
He said
Man is my mirror;
I am His mirror
The prophet says:
Mùmin-man- is the mirror
of the Mùmin-Allah

I said
How are you?
He said
I am beautiful-
My beauty is hidden in man
When I unveil my face
You shall remember
You are born of mother
And mother comes of God
(Mother is your soul)

I said
Who can enter your kingdom?
He said
No one shall enter
the realm of my heaven
Unless he is born twice
By my permission, by my will

I said
What is my reality?
He said
Your reality am I-
Invisible to gross eyes
You can see me through
The eyes of your soul
And soul is from Allah
Listen what the soul proclaims-
One who sees me, sees Allah