Man And Divine Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


I saidB
Where is your houseC
He saidB
I am the builder of houseC
My house is manD
Man is my secretE
I am his secretE
I am not housed in a frameF
Great is my nameF
I am omnipresentG
As noor e muhammadH
In everything everywhereI
I saidB
How can I see youJ
He saidB
Man is my mirrorK
I am His mirrorK
The prophet saysL
M min man is the mirrorK
of the M min AllahM
I saidB
How are youJ
He saidB
I am beautifulN
My beauty is hidden in manD
When I unveil my faceO
You shall rememberK
You are born of motherK
And mother comes of GodP
Mother is your soulQ
I saidB
Who can enter your kingdomR
He saidB
No one shall enterK
the realm of my heavenS
Unless he is born twiceT
By my permission by my willU
I saidB
What is my realityV
He saidB
Your reality am IW
Invisible to gross eyesX
You can see me throughJ
The eyes of your soulQ
And soul is from AllahM
Listen what the soul proclaimsY
One who sees me sees AllahM

Mohammad Younus
(C) All Rights Reserved. Poem Submitted on 07/05/2019


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