Come Unto Me Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


Don't you knowB
What He saidC
Peace be upon youD
You are light from My lightE
You are the secret of My secretF
You are not merely a lump of clayG
You are not a compound of fourH
Water clay fire and airI
Don't you knowB
He calls you to His home of peaceJ
Come out of My valleys of jal l and jam lK
Walk to Me and follow My callL
I will grace you with a ladderM
To come up to My rash rung by rungN
I am the king over you your lordO
And you are my chosen subjectP
I give you dominance over all the worldsQ
Get out of these worlds and come to meA
How can a man of clay and water beholdR
The exalted lord with gross eyesS
But One who loves me finds meA
One who finds me loves meA
He looks at my beauteous faceT
With the unwavering inward eyeU
He loves me like the legendary MajnunB
Who says I love Leila and Leila is IU

Mohammad Younus
(C) All Rights Reserved. Poem Submitted on 07/05/2019


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