Please seal your lips dear
Don't embarrass me before them
Don't reveal what happened to us
Don't tell them of how we broke up
Giving room for them to gossip

Please don't tell them
Say not of how soon we had conflicts
Say not of how our trust broke
Don't let them know of our disappointments

Please keep it a secret
The days we had arguments over nothing
The unfulfilled expectations we had
Please do not say of our failed attempts
Trying to sire our own blood
Trying to at least have a cry in the house

Don't let me to be a laughing stock
Don't reveal to my foes of my inability
To give you the sweetness of my honey
Don't tell the of my failure;
To make you a father.

Reveal not of the seed that Did not germinated
Don't let my enemies give me a new tittle
Please keep a secret of your attempt
To sow seeds on an infertile land
Don't say of your wasted energy
Nor of your wasted sweat.