Please let me love
I need to explore life
Get to see the goodies
Learn of pain and happiness
Create memories like everyone

Spare my life momma
Don't be afraid to loose your youth
Don't terminate me dear mum
I am a priceless gift for you
Kindly let me see life
Do not give up on me
Before you even get to see my face

I have a purpose dear mum
Please don't be deceived to loose me
I am your child, I am your blood
I am a representation of your fertility
I am a reflection of you
In your womb, God formed me
An great treasure untold to you
Knowing we deserve each other

I wish you could give me a kiss
I long to get a hug so warm
Give me a cuddle to sleep
Show me love, momma
Tell me how precious life is

I need great protection
Please take good care of me
I know it is a sacrifice
Carrying me in your belly
Changing life for you
Your clothes not fitting at all
Your belling protruding
But bear with me mum

Let me reach my due date
Let me see the world
I promise to make you proud
Never letting you regret having me
My life is destined to win it's fight
But all depending on your choice
To let me live or give up on me.

Please let my heart beat
And never stop till God decides
I am innocent dear mum
Despite my tiny body,
Like everyone else;
I am a human being
Please spare my life.