Darling, do you remember the day I asked you to marry me?
Can you recall the considerable effort I made to get you?
I would have done almost anything to soften your heart.
You made it very difficult for me to persist and wait for you.
It seemed to be an impossible task to get through to you.
The situation was too complicated to handle in my distress.

It took me years to break through the barrier of your heart.
When you finally relented, I did not know how to proceed.
I could not use the opportunity to love you the way I wanted to.
Something was hindering me and I lost control of my act.
I cannot explain the reasons for my anxiety and intolerance.
And I did not appreciate you this way when we were together.

I taught you as a student all you wanted to learn about love.
You were the only woman whose caress could gratify me.
Darling, you knew the intensity of my affection for you
So you could not understand why our marriage fell apart.
I never thought I could love you more than I loved you then,
But now I have a deeper love for you than ever before.

My feelings for you increase every lonely hour that goes by.
The positive effect of your love still keeps me going on.
Though you are gone, I cling to the memories of the past.
It is easy to concentrate when I am picturing your lovely face.
But just thinking about you is not good enough for me.
Not having you here with me extremely distresses my heart.

I foolishly walked out on someone with a perfect love.
And now I am unable to love any woman other than you.
I nurture the thought that someday you will accept me back.
Darling, can you rekindle the love you once had for me?
Today I need you more than when you were my wife.
Believe me; now my love for you is stronger than before.