I thought writers and readers were more educated.
Have you not heard of figurative speech?
Not every expression is to be taken literally.
And only idiots would take general terms personally.

You wrongly and maliciously accuse me of being a hater,
But the real haters are the ones who want to take down my work.
Authors should try to improve their own writing.
The administrators of websites should not support favouritism.

Some people waste time commenting on unimportant issues.
They quickly speak out against things that they disagree with,
But they pay little or no attention to moral values.
Pressure will not prevent me from expressing my opinions.

I do not bash people’s poetry because I disagree with their views.
Anybody who does not like my poems can write poems to counteract them.
And let the readers decide for themselves whose poems make sense.
I became a poet to write poems and express my views, not to fight.