Sometimes the one who commits an offence is not the only guilty person.
The one who supports wrongdoing is guilty as the doer of the wrong.

Even though everybody has a degree of jealousy and bad-mindedness,
Not everybody allows malice and envy to control his or her mind.

A mistake is the easiest thing to make whether it is big or small,
Yet we highlight the mistakes of others and fail to admit our mistakes.

The one who has clean hands and an upright heart loves the truth,
But the one with a guilty conscience regards the truth as offensive.

All human beings, young and old, lie for one reason or another.
The person who says he or she does not deliberately lie is a great deceiver.

You do not have to ask or wonder if people are wise or foolish.
Just observe their comments and their actions and you will know.

The things that people say and do tell whether they are wise or foolish.
A wise person acts wisely and a foolish person does foolishness.

Capital punishment is murder, for legality does not change the reality of life.
Nobody has the authority to make the killing of a human being lawful.

The law of mankind and morality are two completely different things.
Laws cannot determine right and wrong, morals determine right and wrong.