My darling wants a large bouquet of red roses,
So I shall send her a lovely one right away.
She gave me her heart and I shall cherish it for a long time.
I shall take her love with me wherever I go.
Tonight she just wants to be my baby,
So I shall read her a bedtime story and tuck her in bed.
I can grant her anything she wants because I am a genie.
And I am ready to make all her wishes come true.

To show how much we love and adore each other,
We are planning to get married in September.
I know just what you are thinking:
How on earth can she marry a genie?
She can easily do it because she is a little genie too.
We are genies of love in our fantasy world.
I love to ride with her on her magic carpet in the air.
I am in love with a genie in my imagination.

Someone broke her ancient lamp unintentionally,
But she has nothing to worry about.
There is enough space in my lamp for the two of us.
I would do almost anything to please my genie;
All she has to do is ask me a favour.
When she needs me, she tenderly rubs my lamp.
She knows that I shall appear instantly.
We are the two happiest genies of love in Arabia.