Lorena, I know you’re in love with someone else.
And you believe that he loves you too.
Well, if you’re so sure of his love for you,
Don’t worry about me, you can go and marry him.

First I’d like to ask you an important question,
And then I’ll sign my name and let you go:
Why didn’t you marry him instead of me?
You knew you had a passion for him before we met.

He couldn’t possibly love you as much as I do.
No, his heart doesn’t burn so much for your love,
But if you really want him more than me,
You can go and marry him without hesitation.

You know how much I love you, Lorena.
I’ll certainly miss you every minute of my life,
But if you’re seriously yearning for his love,
You should give your whole heart to him.

It hurts me deeply to hear you say goodbye.
Please give me the last hug and a kiss.
Show me your hand before you take off my ring,
I’ll always remember that you were mine.

Come; let me walk you to the driveway.
God knows how it breaks my heart to lose you,
But if you truly love him more than me,
You can go and live with him as you wish.