The first time I saw Junie, something ignited love in my heart.
I couldn’t prevent myself from looking at her repeatedly.
Much to my surprise, she was doing the same thing that I was doing.
I guess it might have been what they called love at first sight.

She was in her late teens, and I never wooed a girl half my age.
We spoke to each other many times, but we never talked about love.
Her lust for me and my lust for her clearly showed in our eyes.
I had a feeling that a romance between she and I wouldn’t work.

Junie had a shapely figure that was perfect for modelling.
I asked her to model my spring collection, and she took pleasure in doing it.
She posed dramatically and confidently while I did a photoshoot.
For an amateur model, her performance was so impressive.

On a cloudy afternoon, I peeped at Junie through the window.
She was standing by the gateway with a couple of friends.
I can’t forget the look on her face when she turned around and saw me.
She bit her bottom lip and looked into my eyes for a moment.

Although she knew that I was taken, she gave me the look of love.
I couldn’t say it was wrong of her to love me because I loved her too.
She didn’t tell me how she felt about me, and I didn’t either.
It seemed that a romance between Junie and I wasn’t meant to be.