The banana republic
The kingdom of terrorists
Men of no conscience
At Sambisa savannah.

The aroma of war is spreading
The Niger river is salty,
Fishes are dying.

Religious acrimony bites hard
Israelites are no longer safe
Their lives threatened
Day and Nights.

Many adopted and massacred
Some beheaded like the apostles
of old,
Kiths and Kins in pains.

The plantation is clouded with fear
Our leaders mute,
Who is steaming the pot of war?
The aroma is deadly and destructive.

Biafran war a history note
Igbos victimized and traumatized
Religious war a deadly call
Unity the aroma of peace
and tranquility.

Israelites and Ishmaelites
are brothers,
Under the lordship of Abraham
But the evil one sowed the seed
of discord and acrimony.