Our fallen heroes in the time past
Helplessly you fought for our freedom
We celebrate your heroism.

There was a country
And there will be a country,
Biafra the land that flows
with milk and honey.

Though our fallen heroes
were dastardly massacred
In far away lands.

Without fear or favour
They stood for the land
Hunger their living enemy.

Many a family went into extinction
Casualties are not only those
who are dead,
But those who are wounded.

A call to end the pogroms
was turned down,
Ojokwu the legend stood like a rock
Freedom and slavery fought tirelessly.

We remember and celebrate
your heroism,
Dacades have travelled
But your memories live fresh in us.

To our living hero
Namdi Kanu,
May your quest for our freedom
be rekindled every morning.

Though subdued we are in Egypt
Our freedom will smile on us,
You are our black Moses,
Pharaoh must let the Biafrans go.