Poet Jude Chukwuemeka Muoneke

Jude Chukwuemeka Muoneke

~Jude Chukwuemeka Muoneke

"A man's greatest fear in life is not death but marrying the wrong woman"

"Nothing in life is worth dying for. Except dying for the sake of Christ"

"Suicide is a demonic manipulation that is geared towards populating hell and depopulating Heaven. Say no to suicide"

"If you have not experienced heart break before, please try and get the experience before marriage, so that you will understand that man is fallible"

"Relationship is a training ground. Is not a do or die affair. If things are not working out, you quit or convey the cross of misery"

"Cheating is outdated, why not try faithfulness"

"Marriage is not for boys. Marriage is for matured minds who are willing to forgive at all times"

"If you are not ready to stomach the foolishness of a man, then remain single for life"

"Most women can be faithful in marriage but when it's comes to relationship forget it, they will roast your heart"

"As a husband if you help your wife in domestic chores will you die? Wives are not slaves but helpmeets "

"University babes are busy breastfeeding people's husband. Don't worry you will soon marry. Then you will reap what you sowed"

"The fact that you met an irresponsible man today does not mean that all men are the same"

"Do not allow materialism to detect the choice of your husband, because good men work hard and take time to blossom"

Refusing to forgive is like taking poison and hoping it will get rid of your enemy.

"Any man who is too suspicious of his woman might be an anointed cheat"

"Beating your wife before your children makes you a monster, and as time goes on their fear and respect for you will turn to hatred"

"Marriage is not to be managed but enjoyed. If marriage is constantly managed it may lead to divorce"

The husband or the wife you want might not come in the container you like. Be ready to work on the container and the content.

If your husband is a faithful cheater, do him a favour by putting some condom in his bag or pocket.

Women are dangerously good. Do not untame the devil in them.

The worst enemy in life is the household enemy.

God is the script writer of every destiny. Consult him always in prayers.

Love is blind but marriage opens your eyes. Seek God's direction or else you end in misery.

Wait until you get married to the queen of your heart, then you will understand why your Father treats your mother the way he does.

A man who goes to bed with an itching anus must surely wake up with a smelling fingers.

If you must make heaven, keep the ten commandments. Church doctrines are not terribly important.

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