Marriage sacred and sanctified
Why divorce?
Who divorced who?
Both agreed till death
Marriage is pain and gain.

Though many a woman divorced
Accused of infidelity,
But many a man cheats
They call it games,
Her heart wounded and pierced
But she forgives and bears the
sweet pains.

All tails are tails
All holes are holes
Why cheat?
Though styles differs
Why not teach her,
The two are one.

In the Stone Age
Women honoured and treasured
But today stressed in pleasure
Cursed and caused to weep
Tears mock her love for him
He smiles at her tears.

She treasures and pleasures you
In return you desire to acquire her
friend’s hips,
Her heart heaps worries and sorrows
Her knees humble in prayers.

Traditionally and religiously
You acquired her love,
Why bull and batter her?
Her love clings to him in matrimony
But you share.

Rumours roared in the air
You heard but never caught
You filed a divorce,
She pleads your deaf ears
Ignorantly you ignore her.

Divorce isn’t the option
But mend the broken fence
Men cheat
Women cheat
Temptation abounds
Forgiveness abounds.

Some call it Holy divorce
But divorce is divorce
Divorced and divorcee
Shares in its stings,
Children are traumatic bearers.

Marriage isn’t relationship
Relationship isn’t marriage
Marriage is ordained
'Sekeuku' isn’t scriptural
Marriage is for better for worse.